Conservatory roof replacement

The process of replacing a conservatory roof

The pictures below show how Conservatory Insulation Specialists replaced a customer's conservatory roof with new timber batons and a epdm membrane to make the roof completely waterproof. Thermal insulation was also installed to make sure that the conservatory temperature would always be comfortable throughout the year. This means the room would be warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Conservatory roof removed

Old conservatory roof removed

Conservatory roof joists

Roof joists and blocking constructed for new roof

External view of roof frame

External view of new conservatory roof frame

Roof boards on wood frame

Roof boards on wood frame

thermal insulation

Thermal insulation installed in roof frame

Conservatory insulation added

Insulation provides better temperature control

EPDM roof added

EPDM roof material in place

Completed replacement roof

Completed replacement conservatory roof