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How much does it cost to insulate a conservatory roof?

Adding roof insulation to your conservatory has many advantages and can drastically reduce the heat loss that many conservatories suffer from during colder periods, which generally means that the conservatory gets little use during these times. Just as with any home with inadequate insulation in the roof or cavity walls, if your conservatory is poorly insulated it will cost extra to heat and keep warm.

So, lets assume that your conservatory is not already well insulated, how much does it actually cost to add insulation to make it more energy efficient?

The best way to insulate your conservatory is by adding good quality insulation into the roof. Most conservatories have glazed roofs when they are built, but unfortunately this is where most of the heat is lost. Conservatory roof insulation can remedy this problem by fitting the correct materials which consist of layers of high-quality polished reflective film and thermal webbing. The cost of the materials is only part of the equation though, so it's difficult to give a definite price on how much the installation will cost without knowing all the relevant information required.

The final cost will depend on a number of things, these include the size and shape of the conservatory, because conservatories come in all shapes and sizes and a Victorian style with a curved roof, and a P shape or T shape conservatory roof will be more complicated to fit than for example a lean to conservatory with a simple flat roof. The size of coverage is also an obvious factor, and the style of finish to complete the internal appearance of the ceiling will also affect the final price.

To sum up, the cost of installing conservatory roof insulation can vary anywhere between £1500 to £6,000+ depending on all the factors previously mentioned, as well as any additional work that may be required, such as electrical work or plastering if this is your preference. However, most people prefer to have the upvc cladding fitted. Its less expensive, looks good and is easy to keep clean. In fact it requires hardly any maintenance at all.

The only way to reduce the price of a conservatory roof insulation would be to do it yourself, but it is a highly skilled job and you need to know what you are doing to ensure that you don't create serious problems that can affect the conservatory roof, thus leading to expensive mistakes.

In the UK there are a growing number of companies who specialise in fitting conservatory roof insulation. Conservatory Insulation Specialists Ltd are a professional company who cover installations throughout the South of England and South Wales and areas around Birmingham. You can call to get a free no obligation survey and guaranteed quote which will last for 12 months, so even if you are not quite ready to proceed, you can be sure that the price will remain fixed once you give them the go ahead.

All materials and labour charges will be included in the quoted price, plus any discounts which are available at the time the quote is given. Senior citizen discounts are nearly always available, so you can be sure you are getting the best price that Conservatory Insulation Specialists Ltd can provide.

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