Best insulation for conservatory roof

What is the best insulation for a conservatory roof?

In the UK there are millions of conservatories and thousands of new ones are being built each year, but the vast majority still lack effective insulation.

Most conservatory roofs have been constructed using glass or polycarbonate panels that are ineffective against heat loss. Worse still, on hot Summer days when conservatories start to get used more, they can become more like a greenhouse and uncomfortably too hot.

So is there a solution to these problems?

Can your conservatory be kept cool in the Summer and warm throughout the Winter? If so then think how much more your conservatory be used throughout the year and not just on a few occasional days.

The best and easiest solution is to have roof insulation fitted into your conservatory roof. Plus, you can have the ceiling of your conservatory tastefully covered in light enhancing pristine white upvc cladding that will improve its appearance and make it easier to keep clean all year round.

Conservatory roof insulation can come in different grades of quality but the best type to fit, and the only one that is really efficient and worth getting, is the multi-foil thermal insulation system. This is the type that Conservatory Insulation Specialists install because its the only one worth considering. The other alternative would be to fit a completely new tiled roof which would at least double the cost and may not even be as efficient at keeping the conservatory warm in the Winter. However, if you are seriously thinking about having a tiled roof fitted then getting it insulated at the same time is definitely worth considering. Conservatory Insulation Specialists also specialise in fitting quality lightweight tiled roofs and can also provide you with a free quote for this option.


Best conservatory roof insulation

Best insulation for conservatory roof

Thermal insulation can prevent up to 90% of heat loss through your conservatory roof when you choose the multi-foil system. This not only means that your conservatory will be more comfortable to use every day of the year, it could considerably reduce the heating bill if you still use the conservatory during the Winter. Sadly, many people don't get to use the conservatory most of the year and it becomes a room that is hardly used except for storing things, which is not what it is designed for. A new conservatory can cost anywhere between £6,000 to over £10,000 depending on size and style, so why not get the best out of it by making sure its well insulated.

There are hundreds of thousands of older conservatories in the UK that are in desperate need of updating. Conservatory insulation is a government approved energy saving product. The system we fit for our customers also provides a maintenance free smooth finish, and this whole home improvement product can usually be fitted in just one or two days. There is no planning permission required and there is a 10 year guarantee on all materials and workmanship.

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